My hospital is up and running. There are mixed emotions from the users. I’ve noticed in my few years as a specialist the differences in how people approach change. Some embrace it and find it a great way to break out of their ruts and do something exciting. Others find any change in how they have done things a direct attack on their way of life and are prepared to march on Washington to keep the status quo.

I have been very fortunate in that the users who I have worked with this past year have, for the most part, been the ones who embrace changes and challenges. I had a couple of hairy moments today but nothing that didn’t get worked out. It is also great to have a strong support system of help back home. That made a huge difference. Tomorrow the group of specialists will go to Inner Harbor and the Red Sox game. I think I’ll be among the fortunate to go. And hopefully will have some photos to share tomorrow night.

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