Gone Back to Lion Country Safari

Photo-A-Day #2992

Our vacation took us back over to Lion Country Safari again. We went last year and the kids had a lot of fun. This year they had even more fun. It was great. On the way there Andrew fell asleep. Partway through the safari he woke up and flipped out that there were animals all over the place. He got into Allison’s lap and was screaming and smiling and was so excited to see Zebras, Rhinos and Giraffes. The animals were all over the place and very active this trip.

The Tiny Train

Once the safari part was over we walked through the rest of the park. There was a small train for little kids. Andrew was not quite tall enough so I hopped on board with the kids. And by hopped I mean wedged myself into one tiny car right behind Eva and Andrew.

We also went to feed the lorikeets. They are the cutest little birds.


I love these little birds, they were all over us. Andrew liked them too and Eva had fun but got a bit scared when one landed on her. Andrew was half and half. He liked it when the first bird landed on him. He cried when the second one landed on him. He was surprised and shocked so that is what scared him.

We also went on the Ferris wheel and then the kids spent an hour playing in the water area. I chased them around the water area and they had such an amazing time. Andrew was fearless. Eva had a good time, too. She played on every single thing there. She was even good to her little brother.

The Giraffe Enclosure

The highlight was feeding the Giraffes. Both kids got to fee a huge giraffe and they were tickled. The feeding area is very nice and the giraffes come right up and take the lettuce leaves right out of the kids hands with their tongues. Andrew pre-tasted the left that he gave his giraffe. That was fun.

We had a very nice trip with Marcia and the kids. It is one of our favorite places to visit while in Florida.

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