Photo-A-Day #890b 09/15/07

Dr. Derek is now in South Dakota. And we will miss him and Michelle and Nicholas very much. Derek and I go back to high school where I was a bit of a jerk as evidenced by what I wrote in his yearbook. He brings that out to show me from time to time. But in the time since then we have become good friends. I have learned the generosity and good nature of my friend. And now that we are mere days away from our first child we are going to miss Derek and Michelle and their son Nicholas. When the time comes for them to return for holidays we are sure to have them over to visit. I wish Derek good luck in his new job, I am pretty proud to be friends with someone who is so dang smart. I wish Derek and Michelle good luck in finding a new home. Knowing the prices of the real estate market in South Dakota lets me know that they are going to do just fine in that department. I will miss them but just set Derek up with windows live messenger so we can video chat from time to time.

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