Goodbye Miami and all my PBS Friends.

Photo-A-Day #2959

Day three of the conference began with a breakfast sponsored by the new PBS Kids show called Peg + Cat. We got to see a bunch of cute clips from the show and learned more about the show from creators Bill Aronson and Jennifer Oxley. Peg + Cat is a show about a young girl who solves her really big problems with Math. It is wonderful to see a show that tackles math with a female lead character. Peg is adorable and Cat is very funny with some great one liners and even one “word-ers”. At our tables we each received a book that contained part of the story from the first episode. The clips we saw focused on how 100 is a very big number and Peg + Cat had to gather up 100 escaped chickens on a farm before they could enjoy some juicy and gooey pie. You will notice a whole bunch of math related things in the show from the clouds shaped like infinity symbols to division and multiplication symbols on the armor when Peg + Cat pretend to be knights. The whole show takes place on graph paper too where Peg can write out the problems to help get to a solution.

Sunrise from my Hotel Room Day 2
Sunrise from my Hotel Room Day 2

Today’s overall theme was for the children’s programming. We learned more about the specials that are coming up for the kids shows. The big focus was of course on the great new show, Peg + Cat. We saw a few more clips before we had some break out sessions with the creators of the show who graciously signed all of our Peg+ Cat books. Jennifer even drew a cute little Peg + Cat sketch in the book for the kids. I know they will love me reading to them.

The Peg + Cat book signed
The Peg + Cat book Signed

We were also joined by Steve Roslonek, or rather Steve Songs or Mr. Steve. I met him at Toy Fair and it was great to see him once again. He made up a song for the PBS Kids VIPs that was made from all of our blog names. It was really cool and I have a video of the song to share, too.

Me with Mr. Steve
Me with Steve Songs

Our final event was a lunch hosted by American Graduate. We learned about the series and we were even treated to Wilmer Valderrama. He gave a great speech and even stuck around at the end of the lunch to meet people and take photos. The VIP Dads got together and took a group shot with him.

The VIP Dads with Wilmer Valderrama
The VIP Dads with Wilmer Valderrama

Then it was time to get on our planes and head home. We’ll certainly miss each other and Miami.

Me with Buddy from Dinosaur Train
Me with Buddy from Dinosaur Train

Me with Mike Rugnetta
Me with Mike Rugnetta from PBS Idea Channel

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