Goodbye Snackboy…

On May 13, 2004 Terry Crummitt passed away tragically in a car crash in Maryland. Who is Terry Crummitt you may ask? Terry was otherwise known as Snackboy.

Snackboy was a short 5 minute Internet show that happened daily from Terry’s bedroom. He would turn the camera on and record 5 minute stories about his life and adventures. They we sometimes long and rambling do so often funny and entertaining. He would draw little pictures to hold up during his stories too, and they were also very funny. There is a memorial on the Internet to Terry at, there are some of Terry’s best shows and a posting of testimonials from fans. The world will not know the greatness that he could have achieved and I am so upset to find that he is gone. Terry had started getting roles in TV and movies and would probably someday be a very fine comedic actor had the tragedy not occurred. Snackboy will be missed.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Snackboy…”

  1. Zeke,
    I am surprised that not more people who knew of Snackboy ever found this blog post. I’d love to have all the videos on my ipod so I could watch whenever. Terry truly had a talent and he’d be a huge star online had it not been for the accident. Thanks for sharing with me Zeke. Did you ever watch Cyberlove as well?

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