Okay I got up at 4:00am this morning and only got to wash my hair in the sink before running off to the airport. And I only ended up getting a drastically inadequate shower the day before and another hair washing in the sink on Tuesday. It was time for me to actually get a reall shower in. So yesterday I picked up some Hefty Freezer bags and some Purple Duck tape. That was the brand name, I know that duck tape is actually duct tape. I got purple because since it was the same price as plain old grey, I might was well have fun waterproofing my feet. I documented the entire process before and after, not during the shower. And Mo, all pictures were taken while clothed. I give you… Showering with Feet unable to get wet

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No Responses to “Gotta shower sometime…”

  1. JR says:

    Interesting color indeed…If only you had some of Allison’s puffy paint you could write “Lefty” and “Righty” on them. It looks like a certain sorority got ahold of your feet and decided to play a gag on you while you were sleeping.
    Oh well, keep your tootsies dry.

  2. Autumn says:

    You’d better be careful of else these photos might end up on some foot fetush site ; )

  3. andycamp says:

    Wow that is quite the impressive proceedure. I guess necessity is still the mother of invention. I do have one question though. As you are taping the ziplock bag to you ankle and you realize that it is going to hurt like heck when you have to take it off did you consider shaving off the hair on your ankle so that you would only be sticking tape to skin and not to hair. You would also get a better seal that way. Now I know it might look silly for a week or so until the hair grows back but if you are modest you could wear tube socks and it is winter so long pants are in anyway. However one has to wonder about how modest is the guy who is posting pictures of his feet crammed into ziplock backs and wrapped in purple tape on the internet.

    Drew if you happen to take any pictures of you feet during the unwrapping process please warn us. I don’t want to see what a week of being taped will do to feet although it might be nice to have Allison post a description of the smell. I am sure it will give he a chance to use quite a few aggatives

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