Graphics Tablet

I used to have a Graphics tablet however I found that I was not using it as often as I had hoped so I gave it to my cousin. He is a fantastic artist and a Graphics tablet is much more useful in his hands than it would be in mine. I had the Wacom 4X5 Graphire Tablet and it was a pretty nice piece of equipment. I am thinking about possibly getting another one for photo touch ups. I’ve found that my Logitech Trackman is pretty good but I never get as precise as I did with the Graphics Tablet. So now the search is on.

It looks like the Graphire is still the same price as it was back when I originally bought it. I may have to think on this.

The coolest thing was the graphire pen that worked like a real pen and was pressure sensitive. It had a writing end and an eraser end. It certainly worked much faster than switching things on the toolbar. I probably should have worked with it much more often.

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