This past week I received an awesome denim shirt from This was a shirt I was to review. I wore it for the day on October 14th. I have to say that this was a very very comfortable denim shirt it fit me very well. Being an active daddy I love spending time with my new daughter and taking her out for walks on crisp autumn days.


Then I like to spend time holding her and talking to her. She loves the sound of daddy’s voice.

Daddy and Eva

I have had denim shirts in the past and currently this one is the only one in my closet. I am probably going to pick up another one because of the comfort of this shirt. I felt perfectly warm and content inside and out. So content that I took a nap in the shirt with my daughter Eva.

Nap time! is one cool website for your clothing needs. And now that I have to make sure that a sweet little baby is clothed as she grows it is nice to find a website with deep discounts. I want to give Eva the best but I’d rather not pay too much for it. The prices are excellent and well below any store prices.

And once I get my logo for the Wired I could get one of these denim shirts embroidered with the logo. That will be very cool.

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4 Responses to “Great Denim Shirt…”

  1. Beck says:

    Cool Blog.

    Didn’t have time to read much but I dream of the day when I could test gear for fun.

    You made me homesick for big water.

    I’ll pass on the denim shirt though 😉

  2. Drew says:

    To each his own. I personally am a fan of denim shirts. I like how they feel. Glad you like the blog and thanks for visiting.

  3. Tomaz says:

    The denims shirts are cool but what really shines from your photos is the love you share with your baby.

    Since I know a lot about psychology I can foresee a beatiful life for your child getting so much love.

    All the best,


  4. Drew says:

    Thanks very much Tomaz. I appreciate the comments and welcome to my blog.

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