Green Thumb Sunday 04/20/08

Green Thumb Sunday


Happy Green Thumb Sunday everyone, I shot this yesterday on my Photo Walking Tour of Boston with New England Photo Expeditions.

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8 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 04/20/08”

  1. Hey there Anni,
    I’m glad you like the photo. I need to get back out and start taking more flowers as they are popping up all over the place now.

  2. Hi Mark,
    Yeah getting back into the swing has been tougher than expected. I’ll be doing it though. I miss seeing all the great photos from everyone.

  3. Hi Angie,
    I was starting to miss all my Green Thumb Sunday friends. Well, time to get back on the horse and make sure there is something for everyone to see each week.

    Your magnolia is wonderful. Great shot.

  4. Hi Billy, thanks very much for taking the time to stop by and comment. Nice shot for GTS yourself, funny write up too.

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