Green Thumb Sunday

Green Thumb Sunday 06/01/08, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

I think this is an Orchid Iris. It is out front and was the only one with white petals on the inside.

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4 Responses to “Green Thumb Sunday 06/01/08”

  1. Angie Hurst says:

    Me thinks that is an Iris, not an Orchid. It’s a very pretty variety! I have some, but mine are totally lavender or totally yellow.

    Angie Hurst’s last blog post..Alfred Reagan Mill – Roaring Fork Motor Trail

  2. Andrée says:

    ooohhhhhh gorgeous! I think it’s an iris, too. But what do I know? I thought irises were later in the summer. But like I said, I know nothing much! But I know beautiful when I see it.

    Andrée’s last blog post..Odd Shots: Frostbite Damage

  3. Drew says:

    I think you are right. I’ve got to start learning my flowers or just putting up, this is a pretty flower and not even guessing.

  4. Drew says:

    I think you guys are right. I will have to check these things out before I post them more often.