Green Thumb Sunday 06/22/08

Green Thumb Sunday 06/22/08

Another Green Thumb Sunday and another cool flower. I of course do not know the name of this one. Can anyone help me identify it?

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16 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 06/22/08”

  1. I think it’s called Sweet William. If the flower’s fragrance is a lot like a carnation, then it’s Sweet William. It goes to seed also and can be replanted the following Spring.

    My G T S is posted.

  2. Hi Girlie,
    Thanks very much. The problem I have is that I just don’t know flower names. I just know what I like.

  3. Hey Anni.
    I don’t know what it smells like. I saw it and didn’t take the time and “stop to smell” the flowers. But I’ll take your opinion of what kind of flower it is.

  4. Thanks E,
    I do need to look these things up before I post them but that is half the fun, getting everyone to let me know what I actually shot.

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