Green Thumb Sunday 10/07/07

Green Thumb Sunday

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Green Thumb Sunday 10/07/07, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

A flower on display at the Topsfield Fair.

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12 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday 10/07/07”

  1. Hi Drew , good to see you are keeping with your theme. Was the flower show one of those small town fete type things.

    Cheers Mark

  2. I love the color of the dahlia.
    I also posted a picture of dahlias for the third GTS in a row.
    I think it’s time I try a new flower. They’re just so pretty right now.
    I like your comment policy. I for one am just so happy to get a comment, I’ll reply to anything-Ha!

  3. Drew, That is a beautiful photo, so simple and yet the color is gorgeous. It also matches the theme of the month, Breast Cancer awareness! Was that intentional?

  4. I hadn’t even realized that I was keeping with October’s theme, now I will be making myself more sure of it.

    The fair is a large scale one. One of the biggest in the state. And it was like most people from the state were there to be at the fair.

  5. Hi Chigiy,
    It was a pretty flower. I didn’t get many sots of flowers because most of the flowers had passed their bloom, they’d been in the barns for two weeks.

    Glad you like the policy, you wouldn’t imagine how much spam comes through attempting to get by.

  6. Thanks Lynne,
    It was completely unintentional. It wasn’t till all the comments pointed it out to me that I realized that it matched the theme.

  7. Oh My. This is gorgeous. I love the shade of pink on this dahlia, but then, I’ve never seen an unattractive color on a dahlia! Happy GTS,

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