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Yesterday I made a guest post on the CutCaster Blog. CutCaster is a new service that allows creators to sell their digital content like photos and videos. After the holidays I am going to sign up for CutCaster and give it a review. It looks pretty interesting.

Here is an excerpt from that guest post.

Photo-A-Day #889f 09/14/07My name is Drew and I am the author of The BenSpark I was invited to guest post to the Cutcaster blog. My topic is the low cost ways that you can create content to enhance your blog. Personally, I usually skip blog posts that do not include images. They bore me, but if your post also includes an image my eyes are going to be drawn to the image and I may look at your written content as well because of that image.

For almost three years now I have been working on a personal project where I take a Photo-A-Day and post it to my blog. I have used a number of cameras as well as software programs to accomplish this work. I have also used a number of photo hosting platforms to host those photos. And in the end I have also widgetized my daily photo stream so that others can host my content on their blogs. Getting started with photos and video on your blog is very, very simple.

Things you need
* Digital Camera
* Photo Editing Software
* Photo Hosting Platform

An Afternoon at Capron Park ZooDigital Camera – First things first you are going to need a digital camera. Digital cameras have dropped dramatically in price and as each new and improved version comes out the previous versions drop even lower in price. Here’s a secret, unless you are printing images in extremely large formats or going into professional photography you don’t need the latest and greatest gear. You can pick up last year’s model and it will be perfect for digital online content. So if you are shooting just for the web let’s say that $100 would be a good price point. As far as what camera is the best I cannot speak to that. I can tell you about the gear that I have used in the past and what I use currently……

Well, that was a teaser, you car going to have to visit the CutCaster blog for the rest of the story. If you like it drop a comment on the post. Let John from CutCaster know that you want me to do additional guest posts for the CutCaster blog.

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  1. Drew,

    Great post and thanks a ton for contributing to our Cutcaster blog. I was really impressed by the depth of knowledge and the simple to understand advice you gave to our readers. The response was great and I can’t wait to read your post on video footage. Hope you had a great holiday and have some good new years plans.


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