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Guest Post: San Francisco Blog Club Meetup

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This is a guest post from my friend Murray Newlands. He is now living stateside and taking San Francisco by storm. He’s ported over the successful London Blog Club to San Francisco. Before I get to the part from Murray let’s hear from attendees of the London Blog Club. That will give you an idea of what you should expect from the San Francisco Blog Club.

Some comments from the attendees at the London Blog Club:
Laura Thompson: “Relaxed atmosphere to share trials and tribulations of blogging. I am a total beginner and I have learned lots from the masses of knowledge in the room.”

Philippe: “The meeting provided some great insight into using professional social networking sites (such as Linked In) to generate interest in blogs.”

Keith Errington: “Really enjoyed my evening – excellent presentation (I learned a number of things – which is good going for an old hand like me!) and met some really interesting and friendly people. Good discussions and intelligent conversation. When’s the next one?”

Shash: “Great bunch and lots of useful info. Will def be attending again.”

Jinnat Hasan: “Excellent meetup. Friendly atmosphere. Great crowd. Tamara & I want to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge & suggestions with us. We spent a nice and productive time. All credit goes to Newlands, Marko and Filip.”

Elzette: “It was everything I was hoping for, for a first blog meetup of this group. Great discussion about all the different kind of blogs. Great advice and insight was given. I can not wait for the next meetup!”

Here’s a great video introduction to the London Blog Club:

So you can see that there are some great times ahead for the members of the San Francisco Blog Club. Let’s hear more about it from Murray.

On October 19th, the San Francisco Blog Club will meet for the first time at an art gallery in downtown San Francisco. Everyone interested in blogging, social media marketing, making money off of your blog, improving traffic to your site, search engine optimization and other aspects of making your blog awesome is welcome. Please come! There will be informative speakers, lots of friendly people, cool art, fun and socializing. Plus, the first 100 people will receive a free drink, courtesy of the club’s sponsor, VigLink.

San Francisco Blog Club Meetup
111 Minna Gallery (at 2nd Street),
San Francisco, CA, (415) 974-1719
Doors open at 6:30. Meeting lasts from 7-10.

The guest speaker on October 19th will be Dana Oshiro. Dana is a verteran of the blogging world and is deeply committed to helping other writers improve their blogs. Dana has written for,, and currently blogs for the technology publishing group, NetShelter. Her personal blog is She’ll be there to chat, answer questions and share information.

The San Francisco Blog Club was started by the same folks who started the London Blog Club. They have a ton of fun and are going strong. Here’s a photo:

If you can’t make this meetup, come to the next one! The San Francisco Blog Club will meet every third Tuesday of the month from here to eternity. Hope to see you there!

To visit San Francisco Blog Club, go here:

Drew again: This is a group that will be fun and exciting to be a part of. I’ve met Murray many times and he’s one of the most genuine people that I know online. He’s helped me so much over the years and I am glad to have him guest on my blog. Just wish I was near San Francisco so I could attend. I also wanted to mention a few of Murray’s partners and media partners. I know that from working with the WordPress Providence group it is important that companies help support the efforts of the members. These are Murray’s Other Partners: Hubpages

Media Partners:, (and looking for more)

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