GuestPAD-Day Eight-Gabrielle Krupnick

Guest Photo-A-Day #8 11/21/05

Hello – This is so much fun and I’m so glad I get to join in. My name is Gabrielle and I haven’t met Drew & Allison but congratulations! I was inspired by Kym’s photo-a-day site, which is howI got my big break that led me down the path to today’s stardom. 🙂 I started posting last June on Flickr and use my site to give friends and family a glimpse of what my life in NYC is like: the strange, the beautiful, the humorous and once and a while, the boring… Mostly though, it’s just a good excuse to keep my eyes open and catch those bits of magic that are really a part of every day life. Times Square is starting to throw on more sparkle than usual as the town gears up for the holidays and I loved this scene this evening. There must have been a dozen people in these three small trees and they were almost done by the time I’d taken a shot!

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