GuestPAD-Day Four-Kym Rhoman

Guest Photo-A-Day #4 11/17/05

Hello there – Dang – the competition is fierce!! My name is Kym and I didn’texactly meet Drew & Allison but I was at a concert in New Hampshire they were at and remember seeing them because Chris (tiger poop camera boy) was sitting at their table – and we snuck in and stole him. REGARDLESS, it was an Ellis Paul show and Drew’s blog was posted on Ellis’s chat board because he had written a fabulous review of the show. I there learned that Drew was doing a photo-a-day accredited to Christopher Williams’ photo a day project. Cyber is a small space yes?

I started doing photo-a-day in June of this year, faithfully – i really started in January but failed. Picked it back up and started posting on Flickr.
The rest is recent history.

I can talk a lot so I’ll try to make this short. New York City is a town of extroverts and for introverts such as myself extroverted tendencies can be thrilling and exciting, which in time become stressful and draining. Tonight was one of those days I had to cancel plans of going to a seminar and go home for a date with myself. I haven’t gone home straight after work since October 13th (i looked it up). I thought it appropriate to take a picture of my peaceful neighborhood…i LOVE the brownstones around here. And since youcan’t see tiger poo, poodles driving cars, and Garth Brooks in Times Square, every day – I thought I’d give you a taste of the every day 😉

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