GuestPAD-Day Three-Andy

Guest Photo-A-Day #3 11/16/05

OK this was way harder than I thought it was going to be. Yesterday I saw lots of things to take pictures of and I am sure I will see lots tomorrow. Today not so much but keeping with the spirit of photo of the day I had to take the picture today. Damn where are the crapping tigers when you need them. After picking up Stephen at day care. Yes we got a dog and we pay someone to take care of him 1 day a week. Anyway he did not want to get out of the truck when we got home so I left him in it. I went back out to get the camera and by the time I came back he had managed to start the engine and was pulling out of the drive way. If you happen to see a black Toyota truck drive by with a black Golden doodle driving please give me a call. He only has 3/4 of a tank of gas but I need to get to work tomorrow. Can anyone give me a ride? Andy

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