GuestPAD-Day Two-Lisa Spodak

Guest Photo-A-Day #2 11/15/05

Hi! My name’s Lisa and I’m flattered to be the guest PADertoday. 🙂 I first heard from Andrew last month when he was searching for other folks doing similar projects and stumbled on my blog.

I live in New York City and have been doing the Photo-a-Day for almost 3 years now… had a bit of a lapse for a few months this year as I was distracted doing the Avon Walks for Breast Cancer, but, I’m back on track now. 🙂

My blog can be found here or syndicated on at

On to the picture… I was walking home tonight and decided to walk down to 42nd and across to Times Square so I could take some pictures at the new temporary skating rink at Bryant Park (the last time I’d been by there, I’d realized I left my camera at my friend Melissa’s place!). Pleased with the shots I got, I continued on home. Headed down into the subway to find that the guy was shutting the gate and sent me back up. Grrr. As I crossed the street to another entrance, I heard a*lot* of noise. I thought maybe they were showing the CMAs on big screens or something and went over to investigate. Well, it was part of the CMAs, but, it wasn’t on big screens! It was Garth Brooks, set up right in the middle of Times Square to perform! I was actually across the street from the stage, but, had a great view… of Garth’s butt. 😉 Luckily, he eventually spun around a little and I got this shot. 🙂

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