Guys Night Out…

Last night Neil, Derek, Steve and I went to the Funway Cafe in Foxboro. Free Popcorn, beer, leather couches and flat screen TV’s all over the place. And in the back they have a game room with Air Hockey and video games. There is also a pool room. It wouldn’t be guys night without the buffalo wings. So we ordered two dozen of them and some more beers.

After the wings and beers we hit the arcade room for some air hockey and video games. Steve summarily dismissed my attempts to win at every avenue. Derek defeated Neil, and then I went to play the ATV game so I missed who won the tiebreaker.

Yesterday I received my eagerly anticipated new toy. I bought a Xacti C4 digital camcorder/4 megapixel digital still camera. I ended up picking it up in Raynham because Fed Ex wouldn’t deliver without a signature. Worth the trip.Check out the Xacti Here. I brought the camera with me to guys night and we took a few pictures and some video. I tried taking video while driving on the Daytona 500 game. Not so Good. Neil and Steve also took some videos. And I took a video while playing air hockey. Again, not so good. I’m trying to figure out how to edit what I want from the videos. But I can post the picture that I took with the new camera.

Guys Night
U2 Shot

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