Happiness Lies in the Joy of Achievement and the Thrill of Creative Effort

Happiness Lies in the Joy of Achievement and the Thrill of Creative Effort

I’m often asked by people, “Why do you blog?” I think that the statement from today’s FortunateBluFrog fortune sums it up so well. I started blogging because I didn’t feel that my “real” job allowed me enough creativity. I had worked as a web designer prior to going corporate. I loved being able to create images and really enjoy the work. I applied to be a graphic artist at my current place of employment but the fates and the people I interviewed with said that I’d be much more suited to the implementation division. Implementation meant that I would work with customers to get them up and running on the software after they had purchased it. This actually was a very enjoyable job, I got to travel everywhere and meet many interesting people and work with them one on one. But I didn’t feel creative at all.

Put Your Heart into What You Create

On my 1st day at my job another person told me that I should always have a camera with me because I was going to see so much. He was so right about this and I took a camera with me on every single trip. I already had a camera with me and when I became inspired by Christopher Williams in 2005 I started my Photo-A-Day Project. I am nearing 4 years of it I am so happy that I took the time to blog and express creativity each and every day.

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