Happy 35th Anniversary!

Proud Grandparents, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

My parents celebrate there 35th wedding anniversary today. They are two of the people that I have been influenced by most in my life. They have taught me many things not just by their words but by their actions. I am so lucky to have such great role models in my life as I settle into my life as a husband and a father.

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12 thoughts on “Happy 35th Anniversary!”

  1. Wow! 35 years, that’s about 456 “Fly Me to the Moon”! Quite an achievement, especially in todays world.

    This past Sunday was Father’s Day and my mom’s birthday, and thinking about the two of them (still together!) I was thinking about what each had taught me. To my mom I told that she had taught me the meaning of hard work, the love of books and not to hide your emotions. To my dad I told that he had taught me patience and perseverance. It’s not everyday that you have these conversations with your parents, but I felt it was important for me to let them know.

    These are all values I hope to be able to teach Florence as she grows up. Those are might big shoes to fill!


    David “Crazykinux” Perry’s last blog post..Happy Father’s Day 2008

  2. David,
    Yep, 35 years. That sounds like you had a really nice conversation with your parents this past weekend. Congrats to them as well on still being together.

  3. It’s almost sad too… Don’t get me misunderstood. But how many of todays couples will stay together for that long?

    I remember my grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary, I’m not even married yet and have passed 30 years.

  4. Hi Drew,
    Thank you so much for the lovely tribute. I hope Dad and I have another thirty-five years together. It’s just an observation, but my closest five friends from Annhurst College are all still married to their first and only spouse. We were the first to get married and they are just a year or two behind us. (Something to be said about being educated by nuns and having good role models also!)
    Thank you everyone for the congrats!

    PS! It’s time for a new picture. It’s late spring and I’m done with the fleece! Thanks.

  5. Rhonda,
    I’d say blessed. That is the word I’d chose. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, hope you come on back.

  6. Robin,
    IT is sad how many people get married and do not stick together. Commitment is so loosely bandied around these days. I’m 34 myself and coming up on my 3rd anniversary. That means I’ll have to live to 81 to make 50 years. Yikes.

  7. Mom,
    You are up awfully late. I can hear you running around downstairs.

    We will have to get a newer photo of you two and Eva, down the cape at the beach this summer. I have a remote for my camera now so we can do a family portrait.

    Yes, I think something good can be said for having good role models.

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