Birthday Breakfast Sparkler!

Happy 4th Birthday EvaBoo

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Eva turned four today, at 12:04pm. She knows this because when she woke up this morning she told Allison that she was still 3 and wanted to know when she would be four. When I came home and picked her up to take her out for birthday breakfast she told the waitress that today was her birthday and she would be four, she wasn’t four quite yet though. And later when she went with her Aunties (Tara and Shelby) to the zoo she asked if she was four yet. The kid cracks me up.

Eva got up early today. I bet that she was too excited to have her birthday so she was up and ready to go. I got out of work a little early so that I could get home and get Eva before she woke up Allison (too late). Well, I could at least let Allison get some rest and relaxation while we were out. We went out to SweetWorks. I must not have been paying full attention but Eva went and ordered french toast, 2 eggs and bacon. She also had some tater tots as well. She ate most of it though. I’ll give her that. Eva also must have charmed our waitress because when she brought out the French toast there was a huge sparkler on it. Eva was quite sure what to make of it as can be seen from her expression in this photo.

Birthday Breakfast Sparkler!

Eva enjoyed her breakfast very much. then it was time to head home. Eva was going to go to the Zoo with her Aunties. While they were at the Zoo I worked on editing all of Shelby’s wedding photos. I wanted to take out some dust marks that end up on all my photos from the DSLR now. I need to clean that sucker. Well this task took me a few hours and I know I had weeks to do it but the deadline thing just wasn’t happening for me. I’m glad I did it though, I could give Shelby her photos so that she could do what she wanted with them and make her wedding album. I’m always happy to have done the task but getting started is one of my major downfalls. But actually doing the thing that I need to do, well that is usually fun. Finishing the photos was fun.

Eva came home and Allison and I gave her our gifts to her. These were some Transformers Rescue Bots. They are from a show that is coming out on the Hub starring a new set of Autobots plus some of our old favorites. I am not sure if Decepticons will be in the show or if it will just be centered around the Rescue Bots helping a human family police, firefighters and other rescue personnel. I’m thinking the latter.

Eva and I got on the floor and we played with those toys for a long while. She loves the Fire Station Prime playset and also the Bumblebee and Heatwave characters plus their human characters Cody Burns and Axel Frasier. Yeah I’ll know everything about these characters too. I’m looking forward to watching the show with Eva. She is having so much fun playing with the set. There are three other human characters and three more robot characters but they are not out yet.

We went to Red Robin for dinner. Eva was wearing her “I’m the Birthday Girl” shirt and told everyone that she was four. She loves Red Robin. We went for her birthday last year too. I guess we have a few traditions already. There was a birthday happening at a table near us. The family must have brought in a cake because the Red Robin team brought out a cake and candles when they came to sing. Eva was wondering if the Red Robin team would bring her a cake with a sparkler on it like her breakfast. Sorry kid nope. She did get a sundae though. And she hid in my armpit while the team sang her the birthday song. So much for getting a photo of her expression. I did snap this photo while Allison was feeding Eva a little ice cream.

What's that Momma?

In all a very nice birthday. I so adore this child. I can’t imagine life before she was born and love life every day that she is with us. She makes me smile, frustrates me to no end, asks me 9,000,000,000 questions a day, give me sweet kisses and hugs, and it just about the sweetest soul I’ve ever known. I love you Eva. Hope you read these some day.

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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures they came out great! We had so much fun at the zoo with Eva she showed us all around I can’t beleive she is already 4!

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