60th Anniversary for LEGO Bricks
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The LEGO Brick patent was signed 60 years ago today. My youngest memory of LEGO was receiving a set when I was 5 years old in 1979. I have looked and looked to find this set online to even get an image of it. With the set I could build an 18 wheeler truck. I know it was a truck cab and trailer and you could build many other things with it. I remember getting it and then going right to the cellar to play with it. I played with LEGO so much as a kid. I am glad that I kept that love for LEGO into adulthood.

Now I enjoy playing LEGO with the kids and also with Brian from Built from Bricks. We have a great time making LEGO related content each week, too. I’m looking forward to making many more videos. I’m also going to keep on building as often as I can. I have a bunch of MArvel sets that I need to start building soon. That includes the new Black Panther sets. I’ll be showing those off on my own site or maybe Built from Bricks, too.

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  1. Juliana Orji says:

    Happy anniversary Lego!


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