Photo-A-Day #3140

Today is our eighth wedding anniversary. It was a pretty low-key year for us as we’ve settled into life with two wonderful kids in the new house, which isn’t new anymore. Actually, we say that the place has felt like home almost immediately. Sure we are right on the corner of a good street and a not so good street but our neighbors and their antics give us things to talk about.

We celebrated by going to see the movie Thor 2 and some take out from House of Fortune. Auntie Tara watched the kiddos for us so we could watch the movie. And yes, Thor 2 isn’t the most romantic of movies but there were at least two past anniversary years when we’ve seen movies from the Twilight series, I was due. And there was twenty seconds of Thor without his shirt so that was nice for Allison.

I love you, hon. Here’s to 8 more.

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