Today is Allison’s birthday. I won’t tell you how old she turned today but it was a bad birthday for me to miss. I can’t always have any control over my travel schedule and unfortunately I missed a big one. Glad she liked the flowers. I love you Allison!

And Allison is blogging again. Visit her at Sparky’s Social

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6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Allison”

  1. GG says:

    Hi Drew, we have something in common! My significant other also celebrates a birthday today. You know him as Ron from his own blog at “What’s All This Then” and Anon A. Mus at “Adapt, Adopt and Improve” on BlogSpot. We both wish Allison a very Happy Birthday, and will stop over at her site to wish her in “person” 😉

  2. Drew says:

    That is awesome GG,
    Allison not only shares the day with Ron but also with our friends Michelle and Lindsay. A very good day indeed.

  3. No doubt you will more than make up for missing her birthday with a really fabulous piece of jewelery!!! Happy Birthday Allison 🙂

  4. Drew says:

    Now don’t go giving her any ideas Heather….

  5. Lynne says:

    For some reason my husband ends up being out of town on my birthday and our anniversary almost every year! That’s okay, you’ll make up for it I’m sure, just like he does!

    Happy Birthday Allison!

  6. Drew says:

    Oh, I almost missed our anniversary because of Blog World Expo, but made it home in time. I’ll make it up to her no doubt.

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