Happy Birthday Future Portal Master

Photo-A-Day #3150

It seemed to me today that Andrew turning 2 years old was a long time coming and then at the very same instance it was here in a blink. He’s coming into his own so much every single day. He’s so mechanically minded and lately has taken Skylanders out of the drawer (I have to move them again) and he’s figured out the swapping features of the new figures. He’s becoming more verbal, too, and even telling us his own version of knock knock jokes. He’ll go, “Nah, Nah?” over and over until you say “Who’s there?”. Once you say that he says a whole line of baby gibberish and is so proud of himself. I wish I knew what it was that he was saying.

I didn’t take Andrew to breakfast today. I think I’ll start that tradition with him when he turns three.

I did another tradition today. I helped out my parents with the annual Christmas Letter. I have to say, this was the quickest we’ve gotten the letter done and ready to go. We did the letter (edited, formatted and ready for printing) and the picture to go with it had all of the photo cards printed within a few hours from CVS. Did it all online, picked up in store, perfect.

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