Adult Egg Hunt Haul
Photo-A-Day #4387

Happy Easter. I hope that your Easter was as nice as ours was. We got up and the kids opened their baskets from the Easter Bunny. Then we got ready for church. That included baking some roasted potatoes. We got to church with the family and we were earlier than usual but that doesn’t mean anything on Easter. That means that you sit in the back on the folding chairs. If you want a seat you have to get their early, even for the 8am Mass.

After Mass we had the kids’ Easter Egg Hunt on the front yard and then a surprise for the adults. My sister Tara and her husband Erik put together an adult Easter Egg hunt and you can see my haul above. It was the first time that we had done this and it was really fun.

We had lunch and the kids opened more baskets. We took family photos and more. It was a nice day spent with family.

We took a bunch of family photos because we were all together and everyone was dressed up. I wish that Samsung hadn’t decided never again to update their phone apps because I would have been able to take the photo remotely instead of with the timer. But we did get some nice ones.

Family Photo

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