Eva as the American Dream!

Happy Fourth of July 2012

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We had a nice 4th of July at the Cape. The day started with some rain but it cleared up by late morning. It actually cleared up right on time for the annual neighborhood parade. It was actually the 40th year of the parade. We went over with Eva in her recital outfit and she wanted to dance her recital routine at the parade. Each year kids recite poems, do songs and tell jokes. Eva even wanted to be first to perform. I was beside myself when she got up there so confidently in her recital costume, Captain America Shield and a cute star headband. She did a fantastic job!

Eva as the American Dream!

I filmed the parade as well as photographed it. I’m putting together a DVD for the Parade organizer. I set up my camera to record the performances of the kids and then ran off to take the parade getting underway. When my Dad came by and asked me to film from the attic because it would be a great vantage point to get the parade and the giant flag. Check out how it looked.

40th Annual Neighborhood Parade

After the parade we spent a good long time on the beach. Eva loves the water like crazy and she was out in the water on her floating noodles having a great time. She was like a little fish all afternoon. We stayed till nearly 5 and then headed home for the cook out. We had burgers and dogs. Our Hot Dogs were from my trip to Pearl Meats. We had regular franks, Jumbo franks and even some jalapeno franks to try. Everyone enjoyed them very much and we had a great time.

We had to get over to the beach to stake out our claim. We sit in the same spot every year and put our chairs in place when we leave the beach but you still have to get there early. I brought over my tripod, camera, remote and tennis balls. Tennis balls? Yeah, I use them on the bottom of the tripod feet to prevent sand from getting into my equipment. The fireworks show was a spectacular one once again and we all enjoyed it. Andrew slept through it, thank goodness. Next Year we get the kids some ear protection specifically for them. Eva had some foam earplugs but I don’t think that they did much for her. She didn
t seem to mind the big boomers this year though, so that is a plus.

Falmouth Fireworks Celebration.

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