Photo-A-Day #2503

We had a nice Valentine’s Day today. Allison and I dropped Eva at school for her first School Valentine’s Day party. She was so excited to go and give out all of her Valentine’s cards to her classmates.

After we dropped her off Allison, Andrew and I had a nice breakfast together at Bliss Bros. Andrew slept through the whole thing. Sort of made me think of when Eva was his age. We’d take her out to eat everywhere and she’d sleep in her carrier. It was nice and the Cape Cod pancakes were delicious (cranberry and walnuts).

Later we picked up Eva and she had such a nice Valentine’s Day party. We brought her home and opened up her Valentine’s cards then picked up the house for a visit from Mem and Grandfather.

Between that I recorded an episode of Geek Dads Weekly with Daniel and Greg. We spent the bulk of the show talking about a viral video and our thoughts on it. The video is of a father who is reading a Facebook update of his daughter railing against her parents (teenage agnst) that he found on his daughter’s laptop. The father goes on to say that he warned her that if she posted an update like that again he would put a bullet through her laptop. Well, he makes good on the promise and shoots her laptop eight times with Hollowpoint bullets. To what end, to make a point? In my opinion it made a pretty stupid point. But if you want to hear my opinion on it you’ve to to listen to Geek Dads Weekly Episode #111: Put a Bullet Through this Podcast.

We had a nice visit from my parents and also a good meal. A nice Valentine’s Day capped off with the return of Courgar Town on TV.

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