Harry Potter Seclusion, originally uploaded by BenSpark.

So my flight last night was delayed and I didn’t land till I after midnight. I figured that I would swing by Borders on my way home because the line might be shorter by that time. No such luck. It was chaos.

As I passed the Toy ‘R Us parking lot I could see that it was packed with cars. These cars were for people at Borders who were still in line waiting for the book. Then I saw a car of teens with the book pull up shouting something and I suspect that they were Harry Plotters. Harry Plotters are bent on ruining the plot of the book for everyone else.

You will be banned from commenting if plot points are revealed. I am keeping in a state of HP seclusion till I finish reading the book. I am not reading blogs, comments or anything else until I am done. Too many Harry Plotters out there.

So I am out at Stop & Shop waiting to get in and get my copy.

The doors finally opened, my copy is in hand. So expect to get mobile updates for a while. The HP media seclusion begins.

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