Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrived yesterday. I read the first chapter before heading over to Box seats and then read chapters 2-7 before going to bed. So far I am enjoying the book, hope to get alot of reading done tomorrow at the beach. We are finally getting back to the Cape. Got alot to do today, going to meet with the Holiday Inn to select meals for the wedding so we can then work on invitations. Meeting with my Uncle Rich to look at the wedding rings. And I have to remember to pick up my suit at the cleaners.

Allison and I may also be taking a step towards home ownership. I’ve got to make some calls to get the ball rolling. Nothing concrete yet but a possible opportunity may have popped up that we would like to check out and prepare for.

Last night I was joined my Allison, my Aunt Millie, Aunt Candy, Dad, Tara, Erik, Jenn, and Cousin Bill and his wife Jen for a free dinner at Box Seats in North Attleboro. I like that place alot. They keep going through different owners and things change a bit from time to time but the place feels the same and we like it. I won a business card in a fishbowl lunch or appetizers from American Express Financial Advisors, again. They would pay for $10.00 a person for the ten people we had $100.00 of the meal paid for and only had to come up with $40.00 to pay the rest off. We had a good time.

Off to Fayetteville North Carolina on Sunday for a demo on Monday. Should be interesting. At Fran’s funeral I met up with her grandson Matthew who lives in Fayetteville. Strange coincidence.

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