Lotor and the Paladins of Voltron

Have You Watched ALL of Season 6 of Voltron Legendary Defender, Yet?

Lotor and the Paladins of Voltron

Voltron Legendary Defender is my second favorite animated show on Netflix at this point. The top honors go to Trollhunters. That show just has an amazing amount of heart and visually incredible. Voltron Legendary Defender is also visually strong but in other ways. The action scenes are incredible and I love the voice work of the cast. Season 6 is a turning point for the series and there are some major revelations going on. I can’t really get into it but the paladins of Voltron are now working with the Galra and Prince Lotor. This is huge! This season we learn a bunch of things about Prince Lotor and not all of them are good. We do learn that he had a nanny growing up and Hunk decides that he wants to learn more about the Galra and so he asks the Nanny to teach him.

Even Lotor was once a child! Meet the woman who helped raise him and watch Lance bask in his embarrassment!

Hunk ends up learning quite a bit from the Nanny… Er. Governess. He even puts his knowledge to good use when he is working with the Galra.

Desperate times calls for Galra measures. Hunk and the rest of the paladins have to work with the Galra to repair the Omega Shield. This peculiar working relationship brings out a side of Hunk none of us have seen before!

One of my favorite episodes was the one where the team plays a Dungeons and Dragons style game called Monsters and Mana. This was a lighthearted episode and one that was a good break between all the heavy stuff in the season.

Here is the official description of season 6: Suspicious of Lotor’s alliance with Voltron, Galra oppressors continue to invade and conquer vulnerable planets throughout the universe. A hyper-focused Team Voltron feels the need to liberate helpless planets and begins a massive campaign to save millions of lives. But after the Paladins uncover some troubling information, they must engage in their most epic battle yet.

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