He Said: Bones, Lost 05/09/07

Lost: Well Holy Crap is just about all I can say about last night’s episode of Lost. I did not see that coming at all. I can only say that Holy Crap!

This night’s episode centered on Ben Linus. Ben finally reveals that he was not really born on the island, however he certainly was re-born on that island. We get a flashback laden episode on everyone’s favorite creepy bug eyed freak, Benjamin Linus. We learn that Ben was originally on the island as a son of a Dharma Initiative Work Man, who happens to be ‘Roger WorkMan’, the guy that Hurley found in the old VW van.

Ben came into the world and his mother died that day. His parents were hiking when his mother went into labor and she had Ben and then died. Ben’s father blamed him for the death of his mother and never let Ben forget that. Ben then bided his time and brought about the death of everyone on the island from the Dharma Initiative (however I am unsure as to whether patch eye was Dharma or not.)

John returns to The Others with his dead father on his back. He demands that Ben take him to see Jacob. John also beats the heck out of eye patch. What I am unsure of is whether Ben is the man in charge of everything and how he got to be that way. I would have thought that Richard would have been in charge. And why does Richard look so much younger than Ben? The years have not been good to Ben.

It looks like Jack and Juliette are coming clean about their secret plans. I have a feeling that their plans involve a certain french woman.

How did John lose his gun to Ben? How was that possible? The Jacob thing was creepy and I am still unsure about that. Will John die? Is he gone? How can he be dead when this episode I found his performance spectacular, this is the John Locke of legend, the John Locke I have wanted to see back in action. How can Ben have cut him down so easily? So frustrating! 2 more episodes left.

Bones: I know what I said about Fox and how much I think they suck but they have kept Bones on the air for reasons unknown. I mean the show is awesome and I love the characters so it stands to reason that Fox would have canceled the show long ago. Tonight’s episode was about a TV chef who was murdered.

When Bones and Booth find the body it is glowing like a glow stick. Later we find out through Hodgens that this was because of some sea urchin from a sushi place. We also get to see Bones sharing some emotions and that makes her more real and vulnerable. She is starting to evolve and that is a good thing.

We also see the long awaited “yes” from Angela to Hodgens. Although Hodgens didn’t ask Angela again to marry him. Instead he asked Angela to simply be his love. And then Angela asked Hodgens to marry her. I love the two of them together. I have enjoyed their relationship building throughout the seasons.

Next week is the season finale and the wedding of Angela and Hodgens (she wanted to have a big wedding in a week, good thing Hodgens is rich). I’m not sure I want the season to be over yet, but I am looking forward to season 3. I am sure we will get some sort of cliffhanger/teaser for the next season.

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