He Said: Heroes 05/07/07

I watched last night’s Heroes and kept waiting for the good part. I have to say that the episode was pretty much filler but I know that the last two episodes of the season should be packed with more action and we have seen so far. The Heroes are coming together for the fateful encounter in New York.

Will Nathan betray his own? Will Claire save the world? Will Peter/Ted/Sylar explode? Will Hiro kill Sylar, or will it be someone else? Will Molly’s ability actually be significant? And what of Nikki, Micah and D.L.? Do you really care? There should be answers for us soon to those and many more questions.

The part where Sylar visited his mother was very interesting. You learned much about what made Sylar the way he is in that meeting. And his call to Mohinder that was interesting because he doesn’t want to kill innocent people but yet he kills the other Heroes and takes their powers because in Sylar’s mind they are not worthy of the power.

And Molly is the little girl who was found by Parkman back in the 2nd episode, back before it got very interesting and when it was pretty gory. I wonder what Parkman read in Peter’s mind when they met tonight? We didn’t hear anything but the two of them probably communicated. And will we see the return of the invisible cranky man?

Basically I am awaiting next week’s episode and the one after that, then we will see some cool stuff.

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2 thoughts on “He Said: Heroes 05/07/07”

  1. I’m hoping for the big finish too. And why the heck does Sylar have to eat people’s brains when all Peter has to do is get near them. And do people’s brains taste like chicken?

  2. i’m rooting for sylar. i love heroes too. if you’re too excited, you can go for downloading online! =)

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