He Said: Heroes 05/21/07

The Heroes finale was good, I expected a little more and would have rather have seen it as a two hour episode instead of a one hour episode.

So out of the past couple weeks I think we can only safely say that Ted is dead. Other than that Nathan may be dead, Matt Parkman may end up dying but I doubt it. And Sylar was not killed. He will come back to fight another day.

We did see a set up for the next Big Bad however. Molly is able to see someone who can see her when she tries to find that person. He is much worse than Sylar is what she tells Mohinder and Parkman and Bennet.

We learn Mr. Bennet’s first name in this episode as well. His first name is Noah. We still do not know what Mrs. Petrelli’s power is or if she even has a power. And I am not convinced that the Petrelli’s father is actually dead.

One thing that bugged me was the fight between Peter and Sylar.Here are two highly powerful special people and they resort to fists to fight. I would have liked to see them really facing off using their powers against each other. My friend John said that he would have liked to have seen Peter turn invisible and have Sylar hear him with his super hearing and other things like that. Making use of the powers of these two would have been, could have been great, and in fact was pretty lackluster.

So like a good comic book Heroes left me wanting more and looking forward to next season.

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