He Said: How I met Your Mother, Heroes 05/14/07

How I Met Your Mother – Marshall and Lily’s wedding was the backdrop but that wasn’t the big story tonight. The big story was the breakup of Robin and Ted. We knew it was coming. It has to happen because Ted doesn’t marry Robin. I thought that perhaps Barney may marry her at some point but we learned this year how ‘Uncle’ Barney became ‘Uncle’ Barney.

So after a long story from Ted and countless interruptions from Barney we learn that Ted and Robin have been broken up for 2 weeks but didn’t want to ruin Lily and Marshall’s wedding with the news.

I did like the end where Ted and Marshall were having the cigars and Barney can barely contain his excitement over becoming Ted’s wingman again. I would have liked to have heard the ‘dary’ part of Legendary and thought that I would have but maybe next season. A very decent season finale.

Heroes – Action intrigue, tests, failings, dead heroes. Tonight had everything awesome about a lead in to the season 1 finale of a fantastic show. D.L. is shot by Linderman but before he dies D.L. sticks his hand into Linderman’s head and tears a huge hole in it. Linderman is dead. Some may say that he will be back because of his healing ability, I wonder if it works on himself and I wonder if he can regenerate his brain because there wasn’t much left of it when D.L. was done. And we have seen time and again with Sylar that the brain is important for the powers of the Heroes.

Sylar catches up with Ted and in one of the coolest parts of the night flips the FBI prisoner transport with the flick of his hand. Then he kills Ted and takes his power. I am still unsure as to how he gets the power, some say he eats the brains but I don’t think he has enough time to do that, there must be something in the brain that he takes to get the power.

Micah rigs the election. Many people saw that coming.

Shape shifting girl isn’t so much a shape shifter but someone who can alter the perception of reality to those around her. She also revealed that she is ‘huge’ to Micah.

Hiro trains with his father and becomes an awesome sword fighter in an afternoon. Ando can’t wait that long so he buys a sword and goes after Sylar himself. This is not a bright thing to do Ando. The only guy who has powers to heal others is dead. I don’t want to see Ando die. He is one of my more favorite characters.

Speaking of healing, guess who can walk now? Yep, Nathan’s wife was healed by Linderman. But Nathan is keeping that a secret.

Nathan wins the election by a landslide, thanks to Micah. Hiro confronts Nathan and calls him a villain.

Mr. Bennet kills his old boss Eric Roberts and with extreme prejudice too. Then he and Matt go after the “Tracking System”. The tracking system is young Molly Walker. Mr. Bennet trains his gun on her and Mohinder attacks the one guy who would most likely help him by knocking out Matt and taking his gun. Smooth move Mohinder, you are by far the smartest dumb-ass on the show.

Peter does not blow up, he can control the power form Ted. He and Claire find out what happened to Ted and they are no determined to stop Sylar.

Next week is going to be packed with awesome. I cannot wait.

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