He Said: Lost 04/25/07

Last night’s episode of Lost was very good. I liked the whole backstory about Sun and Jin. It made me understand how Jin could become the man he was before the crash. I also liked Jin giving a roundhouse to Mr. One Eye.

And what is with One Eyed Willy still being alive. Did he ever actually die or did he take some sort of mixture in his mouth to make it look like he was killed? I wonder. Or did the island raise him up. I am thinking that the nanobots have something to do with this.

The interaction between Juliette and Sun was also good and the final moments I really thought that Sun would be standing there behind Juliette and to give her a roundhouse. That would have been better. But we are still left wondering whose side is Juliette on.

Allison sent me this link to Apropos of Something. There is a weekly Lost-vivor segment and it is a good read each week. Anyway some backstory on why this is funny to me. during last week’s episode when Desmond removes the helmet from Nadia (Portuguese pilot) I took one look at her and said, “Sanjaya?”. Anyway get a load of the picture that is used for Nadia on Lost-vivor. I am not the only one who thinks that.

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