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I have been busy for a few days so I am behind on my He saids. So I have four shows rolled into this one.

Lost: The episode began with a literal bang. And Jack is Back! Rousseau is back and there was a major explosion on the island.

This was a Charlie centric episode. Nadia actually knows who Driveshaft is, Desmond says that Charlie must die this time. His vision is of Claire and Aaron being rescued and that cannot happen if Charlie doesn’t die. Sayid stands up to jack and finds out from Juliette that there is an under water hatch called the Looking glass.

I enjoyed this episode and finally saw a good turning point with Charlie. I used to like Charlie before he got the island drugs from the Mary statues and began doing horrible things like kidnapping Sun. Charlie accepting his fate and going off to die was heartbreaking especially when we see how much he loves Claire. But then finding out that Charlie does end up surviving the end of the episode was a very nice twist. And we see at least two new characters.

It was great to see Jack acting like a leader and getting called out by Sayid. Nice to see Rose and Bernard are still around and that Bernard is a crack shot.

I predict that it will be Alex who ultimately kills Ben. Why, okay here is why. Everyone on that island has some sort of Daddy issue. And Alex has had the worst father by far. Well, maybe Cooper was worse because he tried to kill his son by tossing him out a 8th story window. But for Alex she has been manipulated by Ben her whole life, she is rebelling against that and she has doubts that Ben is her father. Eventually killing him seems to me like something that will happen either this season or next. Probably not this season as we still need a chief protagonist in this show.

I have been reading the comments from people on the Pop Candy boards and they are wondering why Ben moved up the time table on the attack. Here is why, he knows the recorder is gone and he can safely assume that Locke somehow gave it to the Losties. So now they think they know when the attack will occur. So in order to throw the Losties off balance the Others must strike sooner.

I am not sure what to make of the Richard character but I don’t think that all of the Others like being led by Ben. I am not sure how he got to be so powerful in that group.

Next Week we get three hours of Lost, first there is an episode called The Answers

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse explore the mysteries of the island and recap some of the revelations made this season as well as those yet to come.

Then there is the 2 hour finale called Through the Looking Glass. I can’t wait till next Wednesday night.

Bones – This episode brought about more emotions from Bones. She gets a video tape from her father that had a message from her mother on it. The tape tapped into a part of Bones that she had been missing. She was able to look outside the analytical mind of hers and see why a mother could have done something awful to her child out of love. She knows that what was done was wrong but can understand why it was done. I think we have seen much growth from Bones this season.

This was the season finale and we were left with a few questions, Will Zach go to Iraq? Where did Jack and Angela go? What will Bones and Booth do now? (As they stand at an altar in a packed church)

I’m not sure if Zach will end up going to Iraq but his exchange with Booth was very touching. And his interaction with Jack about being best man was very funny this episode. Also his getting so upset about Angela getting the correct condition on this week’s victim was interesting to watch.

Jack and Angela – Hodgens has tons of money they could be anywhere. I did like the exchange between Hodgens and Angela’s father. I’m not the biggest ZZTop fan so I wasn’t sure what band member plays Angela’s father but he did a good job in that role. Although the abrupt exit from the wedding was a bit forced.

Booth and Bones – Are we supposed to think that the two of them get married? That is ridiculous. I really liked Booth’s interaction with Bones’ father. That fight was funny to watch. I really like the character of Booth, he is very cut and dry at times but can also be flexible. I enjoy how the relationship between Booth and Bones has progressed but there is no way that they got married.

The Office – My absolute favorite part of the episode and it makes me forget all the great stuff throughout the episode.

Kelly: “Who was that?”
Ryan: “Nobody… You and I are done.”

Scrubs – What the heck! Both Allison and I were shouting NO at the screen. If J.D. and Elliott hook up that is it. I won’t stop watching Scrubs but I will be very pissed at them. My favorite part of the episode was when Dr. Kelso says to Dr. Cox, “Long list of funny things, we get it, get a new thing.” That was the best burn ever. I was not happy that they took the godfather role away from J.D. I would have liked that. And did Jordan have more botox, her face looked freaky in this episode.

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