He Said: The Office, Scrubs 05/03/07

Last night I missed My Name is Earl but it must have been very funny because Allison was laughing up a storm in the living room as I finished up the painting of the molding in the future living room. When she told me about it I wish I had seen it.

I did finish up just in time to see the office. I think that one of the funniest parts was the opening with Dwight and Jim. I missed The Office last week and I think it was probably much funny than this week’s episode. This episode was certainly cringe worthy. There were so many points where you want to slap Michael for being so ridiculously naive and stupid. And then you feel for him because he just wants to be loved and have companionship. I also liked the part where Pam says to the camera, I am saying too much. The women’s bathroom was a great scene because you never really see the guys hang out with each other. I also loved the end where Dwight sees his reflection. That was great.

Next up was Scrubs. I love Scrubs but I am a bit pissed at J.D. and I think the end was terrible because, no it shouldn’t have been you J.D., you know why? Because J.D. only wants Elliott when he can no longer have her. He should have gotten his head out of his butt long ago and got over whatever hangups he has and be with her. We have seen this throughout the years with Scrubs and I think it is nice that Elliott and Keith are together. So, with that being said, Scrubs was pretty good… except for the ending.

And one more thing, what the heck is going on with Turk having hair? Both Turk and Dr. cox have the same hair now. Was turk getting back at Cox for Cox shaving his head? I was very unnerved by the whole hair thing with Turk.

Since TV was just okay last night I will also give mention to a few other items.

Rescue Me returns to TV on June 12 on FX. – Thanks Pop Candy

Allison told me about this movie that is coming out starring Robin Williams, John Krasinski and Mandy Moore.

Robin Williams puts Mandy Moore and John Krasinski to the test and finds out if they’re really ready to get married.

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