Healthy Kayaking

With any outdoor activity you need to make sure that you are in good health to participate. And doing such outdoor activities can keep you in good health, so health is important. With Kayaking you want to be sure that you have a proper technique for paddling so that you do not hurt your back of make yourself too tired with improper strokes.

Think of your body as a spring that can be coiled and uncoiled. Your trunk, the lower back, stomach, basically your midsection should get as much exercise when paddling as your arms do. I have seen so many people go out and try to power through it and just use their arms to paddle. And then some of them need to be towed in by a much smaller paddler who has been going non stop all day.

So what is the secret to paddler number 2’s success. Well they could be eating a healthy diet and supplementing their nutrition with products like muscle milk and vitamins and be really strong. But then again paddler #1 may have been doing all those things. While proper diet and supplements can help enhance your paddling, nothing substitutes for proper paddling technique. And the great thing about proper technique is that you will get a great workout and be able to paddle longer and farther than ever before.

Proper technique will be discussed in a future post.

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