Heirlooms and House Cleaning

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Today we drove to Fitchburg to pick up a Singer sewing machine from Grandma Eva. We’ll have to get it serviced and also clean up the wood on it and get it back into working standards. It is a beautiful machine and will make a nice addition to Allison’s crafting room.

Our trip to Fitchburg took us to Grandma Eva’s to visit and to bring a few things home before she moves to her new apartment. We then went over to Grandpa Bob’s and Grandma Jackie’s to visit. I had a conference call at noon that I took in the Truck through my Jabra bluetooth speakerphone. I would have loved to be able to have internet access but that is okay.

My conference call was with TeleNav. I’m part of their new Navigator in Chief Dad Blogger Panel. The call was with the other Dads on the panel and I can’t wait to tell you all about them and the program. It is going to be very fun. There is even a big Facebook contest coming up as well.

After the call we went to Buffalo wild Wings for a late lunch before we headed home. I do like some decent wings. I had the Caribbean Jerk sauce on mine and it was pretty tasty. We even got some hot pretzels and I chose the habenero sauce for those, that is a wicked hot sauce. Maybe too hot to be tasty.

We drove home in the rain and even though I covered the sewing machine with a tarp pretty well it ended up getting some water damage on it so we’ll have to sand it down and refinish it. Another project to do in my time off.

We drove home and then over to our new home to do some more cleaning. Allison and Eva started in on cleaning the island. Eva really wants to help out with the cleaning of the house. She’s taking major ownership of it, too. She wanted to be at the closing to sign papers because “It is my house too”. So we had her sign a paper and then got Jerry’s Signature for her so she could feel a part of the closing.

While Allison and Eva were upstairs, I was in the basement. I worked on cleaning out the two sections that I hadn’t gotten to. I started with the future Man Cave. I cleaned off everything including the work bench. I’ll most likely cut that up and remove it. It is too big to take out of the house in one piece or it would have gone nicely into the garage.

We had a nice family dinner of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches around the island. Eva christened the island with a spill of some watered down apple juice and it was a good thing that the Island was the first thing that Allison and Eva cleaned together. After dinner Allison and Eva went home and I worked on one more part of the basement. In this section there is an old furnace that we’ll have to take apart and move out. This room is also where the water meter is and the room will most likely be used for more storage. I vacuumed up much of the floor and the walls. There is a lot for me to patch and paint in the basement but we’ll get to that eventually.

Tomorrow we’ll be back at the house all day and I might tackle the garage and see about taking off some wallpaper.

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6 thoughts on “Heirlooms and House Cleaning”

  1. Too bad about the sewing machine. Looks like a neat old style Singer. Good luck with the cleaning. I’m looking forward to helping you after I finish the bathroom . I want to get it done before Mom gets here for the summer

    1. Dad,

      thanks for your help. We’ll see about the sewing machine, might be a good project for Allison to do after the baby arrives. Get the bathroom done so you don’t have to hear about it the rest of the summer. I’ve got plenty to do at the house and we’ll get to everything when we can.

  2. Oh, that Singer is gorgeous! Is it a treadle machine, or electric? It’s with the table, so it can be either with that model, I think. It’s breathtaking! I hope you get it working. =)


    1. Delena,

      It is electric. There is a place in town that repairs them so we will see if we can get it working for Allison’s future projects.

  3. A new house cleaning is lots of work. Love the old Singer sewing machine. I have an old Whites treadle machine that was my grandmothers. Such a treasure to have.

    1. Deborah,

      So far the cleaning has been a ton of work, we’re working on it as hard as we can at this point, hoping to get things moving so we can move within the next month.

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