Help Allison pick a name…

I bet about 5 hearts stopped at reading this post’s title. No, not a baby name, a blog name. Allison is thinking about starting her own blog and we are stumped at a name for it. The blog is going to be about Bare Essentials Makeup, Photos, Family and probably TV shows. I’m thinking that when she sets up the blog We will do a he said, she said thing again and link to each other’s posts. But the name, the name is escaping us right now and she has had some offers but nothing is really jumping out at her. So leave a comment on this post with your suggestion of a blog name for Allison.

When Allison takes up the mantle of her new blog I will be changing the sub title of this blog to reflect that it is now just my blog. Don’t worry I will still keep everyone up to date with what is going on with both myself and Allison. The site just won’t be called The BenSpark Drew and Allison’s Blog. It will be The BenSpark …. (Something other than Drew and Allison’s Blog)

Allison named her blog Sparky’s View.

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