Help for those who need diabetic supplies…

You may not know it but I have hinted in the past that sugar is not my friend. And that is because I am a Type II Diabetic. Some people might not be happy that I am sharing this online, but it is a disease that many Americans have and one that can be managed. I am not going to be embarrassed about having it because that will hurt my steps that I take to manage the disease. I have garnered much support from my online friends and feel comfortable with sharing this with them. Maybe what I have to say is going to be helpful to someone. I knew quite know who is touched by my writing.

I just learned that I have Type II Diabetes at the beginning of this past year. I had a hard time at first adjusting to all the changes that I needed to make in my life to live with this disease. I was also pretty upset about having to stop eating some of my favorite things. I was also upset at myself for contributing to this disease by my poor habits while traveling all these years. But I have made the changes and have begun losing weight and eating much better, even on the road. I however am still addicted to M&Ms from time to time.

Type II Diabetes is a disease that is rampant across the country. There are approximately 21 million people with diabetes and many do not have health insurance. And that is just in the US. This is a disease that continues to gather strength. And if you do not have health insurance the diabetic supplies like diabetes testing strips are wicked expensive. Even with insurance they are very expensive. I could not imagine not having insurance and having to pay these high expenses for needed supplies.

I use the OneTouch Ultra testing device. And I have to buy testing strips. They are expensive but if I had no insurance they would be near impossible to be able to pay for. The cost at American Diabetes is between $30 – 60% off the regular retail price. A box of 50 test strips on American Diabetes goes for $36.99. The retail price is $52.99. That is a 30% discount on the price of testing strips and having to test many times each day adds up quick. You can also get volume discounts on supplies as well.

While I believe that all people should have access to health insurance. However the reality is that not everyone has health insurance. Diabetes is a hard enough disease to deal with without having to worry too much about the cost of treatment and management. Diabetic supplies are very important and needed for all those with the disease. I am glad that there are places like American Diabetes that provide a place for people who do not have health insurance to get their needed supplies at discount prices.

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2 thoughts on “Help for those who need diabetic supplies…”

  1. I could go to Canada for you, it’s just up the road! In fact, I should go up for everybody I know down south there. I could have quite a business going. But those pesky Americans would wreck it. They forced a Canadian doctor to stop treating all the Americans that were going over to see him because he was reasonable and they didn’t have insurance. Americans don’t seem to *really* believe in a free market because they continually force you, by intimidation, fear and legislation, to use drugs sold in the US by US doctors.

  2. Thanks for the offer Meeyauw. Luckily I have insurance and the cost is not too terrible. I appreciate the offer and you looking out for me.

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