I have entered a contest called Blog for a Year. What will happen if I win this. I will be paid to blog for an entire year on any blog of my choosing. I will be blogging on The BenSpark blog because I have worked very hard to make it a nice blog over the past 4 years of blogging. Flatwater has been around for a while too and I will continue to blog here as well as at The Wired Kayaker and BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I think that if anyone tries hard enough they can achieve a goal. My goal in this competition is to get the most votes. The voting can take place each and every day. So I am asking all of my readers to click my “Help me blog for a year” badge on the top of my right sidebar, each day and help me get enough votes to be paid to blog for an entire year. I have the aptitude and ideas to take this blog to the highest levels.

Please read my profile…


You can also donate to the Blogger fund. The cool thing about this competition is that it is being totally funded by donations. If you vote for me you can donate on behalf of my bid in this competition. The more that is donated the higher I will climb to prominence on the list of bloggers vying for the top position. But you don’t have to donate to vote. You can vote EVERY DAY.

Voting goes on until January 2008 at which time a blogger will be chosen. I hope it is me.

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