Her First Cross Country Meet

Cross Country
Photo-A-Day #4536

Eva had her first Cross Country Meet today. She was very excited to do this for the first time. She and her good friend Maryana are both on the team and they started their run holding hands with each other. I suspect that they tried to stay together though the whole race. They came in close together. They were at the absolute back of the pack to start but made up time during the run. Eva came in at 10 minutes 52 seconds. She told Allison later that the next time Allison suggests that they go for a run that she go. I think she enjoyed it but wants to train more to improve her time. I know that she can do it.

I was tempted to throw a red shirt on Andrew and tell him to run after the big kids just to run out some of his energy. The kid was making me nuts with all his antics. He just has a lot of energy and should get out doing some running. I guess he and I should do our own running so that he is ready when it comes time to do cross country.

Tonight Allison and I went to SMSH for Open House to meet the kid’s teachers and to see their rooms. Allison already knew everyone from working there. I met a few people. It was nice to see what they were doing in their classrooms.

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