Photo-A-Day #2489

I picked up Eva from school and we popped over to see my Dad so I could pick up Quicken. I’m still trying to get my MS Money files imported into Quicken on the MAC but the importer program is not working so well. I hope to convert MS Money to Quicken on the PC and then convert the Quicken file to a MAC Quicken file. I hope this works. I ran downtown to the bank and Eva decided to stay with my Dad and help undecorate the tree. She loves Christmas and taking down the tree is a heartbreaking affair.

On the way home we stopped off at Shaws and they had this awesome Pepsi Display for the Big Game. I had to step way back to get the photo and Eva was wondering why she was so small in the photo. She kills me. She does enjoy watching football. I’ll be missing the Big Game because of work and so no special tailgating food for me.

While Eva was at School I played Skylanders. I discovered a neat little trick for amassing lots of gold. I have the Pirate Seas Adventure pack and it comes with a special treasure chest. If you put it on the portal then while you do a level you can find the extra treasure chest. The thing is, you can keep the chest on the portal and each time you talk to someone in the main area where the core of light is you can actually get the 300 coins from the treasure chest over and over again because it resets each time you talk to another person. I was able to level up a bunch of characters. A very cool trick.

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4 Responses to “Here Comes the Big Game!”

  1. Fredy says:

    good job. I liked:)

  2. Grandfather says:

    Eva was a big help. You are still a big kid, loving those video games. Remember taping Packman?

  3. John Cooper says:

    That’s really big game. I wonder how much time it had consumed to accomplish that.

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