HERO Clean Laundry Detergent

A while back Hero Clean sent me a care package of their four products for free to try out and review. Opinions are 100% my own.

When I was at Dad 2.0 this past February I got to check out the line of Hero clean products. These are home cleaning products that are geared toward men. They have a great scent. I know because I use the Odor Eliminating spray in my car, often. I also save all my dirty clothes up to wash specifically in the Hero Clean Laundry Detergent. The scent is a clean and fresh Juniper Based Scent.

Hero clean is already in some stores like Target, Wegman’s, Runnings and Ace Hardware. You can also buy Hero Clean online through sites like Amazon.com (affiliate link), Target.com, Jet.com, Runnings.com and Hero-Clean.com.

Hero clean is not just about eliminating odors. They have a code philanthropic partnership with IAVA – Iraq and Afganistan Veterans of America. 7% of net profits on all products are used to support our nation’s veterans through IAVA.

HERO Clean Spray

I’ve used all of the products that were sent to me. I put the Dish + Hand soap at the kitchen sink so that I could use it to wash my hands. I like the large stable bottle and big pump. I always get a good shot of soap to wash my hands with. The Odor Eliminating Spray lives in my car. I spray that constantly on the floor mats so that the car has the Hero Clean scent. I really enjoy it. I mentioned that I do all my laundry in the laundry detergent and that lives in the basement. Also in the basement is the All Purpose Cleaner. I have to use that on the floor of the basement often because one of the cats gets annoyed if she doesn’t have a perfectly spotless littler box. so the floors get used. Then I have to do some cleaning and I’d much rather the floors smell like Hero Clean then the cats any day.

The other day I had to take the Hero Clean Odor Eliminating Spray into the office because someone made eggs in the microwave. That absolutely stinks. When I sprayed the Hero Clean and the people around me were impressed.

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