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I’ve heard of Popcorn Chicken, but Lollipop Chicken?

Allison made a roasted chicken and I needed to transport it to the counter to cut it up. It was called Glazed Chicken and Vegetables, it had carrots, potatoes and apples cooked in a mustard and honey glaze and it was fantastic. Since I only had a plastic stirring spoon I used it to pick up the Chicken and immediately we began laughing because it looked like a giant chicken shaped lollipop. Allison shot off to the other room to grab the camera.

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No Responses to “Hmmm…”

  1. andycamp says:

    I want one where can I get one

  2. Allison says:

    Andy – you have to ask me very nicely to make you a chicken pop – and remind me to come up with a veggie option for your wife. (Will she eat vegetables that have been cooked with meat? – I suppose I could roast some in a separate pan…)

  3. Allison says:

    Oh, and sorry about the junk comment – I’ll have Drew remove that tonight. I think he’s the only one with the access to changing/deleting comments. I must discover how to get that power…

  4. andycamp says:


    I am impressed with the Chicken pop. I think I really just like meat on a stick. It makes it taste better somehow.

    No she does not eat vegtables cooked with meat. She is way to picky. I keep telling her to give up the vegitarian thing but she won’t do it.

  5. Allison says:

    I can roast veggies separately – it’s not a problem. After the holidays I’ll make you roasted chicken. Maybe I’ll even stab a skewer into your serving so it’s more like a chicken pop. 😉