Hold on Forever

Hold on Forever
Photo-A-Day #1495

It seems that the only thing I want to do these days it come home and spend time with Eva. Allison tells me about the things that she does all day. Today Eva sat on the couch and asked if she could watch “Transformers”. Allison even got her to say it again in a video that she sent to me on my phone. Oh it did me proud. Eva and I watch Transformers Animated each Saturday and while she doesn’t really pay much attention to it at least she knows the name of the show.

Tonight when I got home I picked her up from her friend’s house and we spent some time at home playing in the back yard. This photo today was one of those where when I took it and looked at the LCD screen and knew that this one was one of those that I’d want to keep forever. Forever because it was a moment in time where I just wanted to hold Eva and never let her go. Just seeing the joy in her eyes and the wonder is so amazing.

Later tonight Eva and I watched a little bit of Mary Poppins (yeah, she’s still on that right now). She was so tired because she never went down for a nap. Because of that she sat right there next to me and watched the show till she pretty much fell over asleep. It was very cute. I put her right down for bed and not a peep.

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9 thoughts on “Hold on Forever”

  1. Ryan,
    No, that site is not ripping me off. In fact it is a great site where I post my photo-A-Day Photos. I started in Jan of this year but it tapered off. I like that site. In fact I just bought a shirt from Ten Bills.com to support that site. How funny that you mention that today. How did you come across the site?

  2. I believe I heard about the site from a Facebook ad. And I too need to order a shirt when I can. That design is wonderful.

    Glad to hear you aren’t getting ripped off. I just started last night, so we’ll see how far I get with it.

  3. Ryan,
    You are starting a photo-a-day project. Is it on Shuttercal? If so, awesome! If you need encouragement let me know, I love seeing more people doing a photo-a-day.

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