Photo-A-Day #1724

Allison received this beautiful angel as a gift from Bonnie and Howard this Christmas. It is a hand carved Russian angel. Isn’t it beautiful. I love the eyes and the soft colors of this angel.

A bit of a lazy day at home today. Eva’s not feeling very well so we spent the day relaxing. We watched the movie Up. I liked it, it was cute, touching and funny. It didn’t hold Eva’s attention though.

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6 Responses to “Holiday Angel”

  1. rj's mama says:

    i want one too…

    • Drew says:

      Rj’s Mama,

      Not sure where they got it but it is one of a kind hand carved. So many good artists at the craft fairs they attend.

  2. Oh…I totally cried in the beginning of “UP”. One of the best movies that Disney has put out as of late. Very touching story. Hope your ‘real’ little angel is feeling better soon!
    .-= Look at what Amanda Tinney wrote blog ..An Insider Look Behind The Magic by Disney Legend Lee Cockerell =-.

    • Drew says:

      The beginning of UP was very sad. The story overall was good, I had a hard time suspending disbelief for much of it but was moved by it none the less. I hope Eva feels better soon. I’ve not got something that is wiping me out.

  3. Laura says:

    My Mother and I have been collecting new Christmas angels every holiday since my Grandmother gave us the first one the Christmas I was born. I didn’t even think of taking a photo of the one I bought this year. Would have been nice. Now I still have to finish getting all that stuff put away. Christmas is lovely but a lot of work. 🙂
    .-= Look at what Laura wrote blog ..Skipping to a Quick Conclusion =-.